Towards Compliance

Data Collection Transparency

Trustworthly agent

  • Have one public page to describe company guidelines on user data collection and analysis
  • Access to all data collected on my profile and contributions
  • Be able to modify and change confidentiality parameters (community group opt-in, newsletter opt-in, notification opt-in...)
  • Access to your historical rule changes made on your profile and your collected data. A personal data transfer option.

Data Handling

Management of data flow trackin

  • End-to-end data flow mapping fully documented
  • Logging on any data collection per group activated on the platform

Data Storage

Personal data security

  • Security audit
  • Collected data encrypted with back-up and recovery plans
  • Potential authentification upgrade (double authentification on demand)
  • Unique personal name identifier
  • Member account cancelation process based on a confirmed email by the member
  • Secured logging on all historical changes of user account profile settings
  • Time management on personal data storage rules