Thanks to Multivote, you may engage every day on subjects you are fond of; earn points to have your own community and become an opinion leader; share with your friends and give your opinion confidently.


Making the vote popular, we want to help you mobilise your community whenever you wish and on every subject, and build a society that fits your values.




Multivote offers a simple and efficient platform thanks to which each vote counts and enables a real change.

Subscribe quickly

You have three ways to join Multivote :

  • via a discovery mode (without registration) with a limited number of functions
  • via Facebook ( quick registration process with your facebook account)
  • typing an e-mail and a password
Vote as many times as you wish

Each day, the writing team of Multivote or the communities you chose to join suggest sessions.

Choose from the home page the topic you are interested in or the most recent (published 72 hours ago) or the most popular questions. You may vote and comment the questions as you wish and share the results with your friends or on social networks (facebook ; twitter ; google +).


Each multivoter is incited to interact more thanks to a system of levels and pins.

Reach high levels and become an opinion leader

The multivoters must fulfill missions and obtain points to earn credits thanks to the levels.

When you participate in Multivote, the corresponding points (« MV ») are credited to your personal account.

Follow your points by consulting your information on your PROFILE page. To reach the highest level and obtain the possibility to launch your own questions as well as a promotion of your contributions on our digital media, you must fulfill the number of points compulsory for each level. Six levels are available.


Enlarge the community inviting your friends.

Share the Multivote experience with your friends by inviting them in your cercle. Your friends may see your votes and your results will be compared in the « My results » page. You may also suggest a session that you liked to one or several friends.


Multivote offers a large spectrum of entertainment for the multivoters.

The sessions

Every day, we offer you a series of questions linked with the news or with several topics. The sessions are written by a journalists team. The media will help enrich the diversity of the questions and, then, you will be able to ask you own questions to entertain your own communities.

The questions appear according to the topics you chose :


Multivote : a trusted third-party.

We want to respect the privacy and the data of our members. This is why no data is sold to a third group without your prior agreement. You may - constantly or once in a while - intervene anonymously on Multivote. To do so, you only need to tick the function on the sessions’ page.

You may erase the data of your participation whenever you wish.

You may also, unconditionally, cancel your subscription and keep control over your data at any time.

You may choose your areas of interest, your communities, your friends and your sessions. You have the entire control over your experience on Multivote.


Each multivoter belongs to communities, linked with the topics he or she likes.

Share your ideas

By default, you are automatically member of the Multivote community when subscribing. You will have the possibility to receive our newsletter and give your opinion on the evolution of our service through challenges made for us to know more about your expectations. Over time, you may choose to join other communities and answer their sessions. You may unsubscribe to any community whenever you wish.

Multivote has a universal vocation and you may suggest on the blog or the application, under the section community, the groups you wish to see on the platform.


Multivote has a universal vocation and you may suggest on the blog or the application, under the section community, the groups you wish to see on the platform.

A turnkey service

Multivote is a vote platform that is independent, interactive, qualified and secured with a universal and independent vocation. You have a total control over your sessions, your data and your members. It is a turnkey service with no need of infrastructure, no management limitations, and a usage-related invoicing. You may contact us to know more about the current conditions of service.

Scopes of application - See the demo website

Create trend and satisfaction barometers
Realise opinion surveys
Enliven debates and launch challenges or idea suggestions
Organise open or closed sessions


You may first incite your audience to subscribe to Multivote and then have your community grow over time. A secured web administration portal will enable you to set your sessions easily, manage your community and ask for the opinion of your members in real time. Multivote offers your members an enriching and fun experience. Try us !



Every day, a question is suggested by Multivote.
You may easily integrate it on your web site.

Engagez votre audience avec une question mutualisée

Every day, a question related to news is suggested by our writing team. It is free and simple to use : you only have to copy/paste a HTML code on your website to display the iframe of the question. The daily updates are automatically made.

The results of the questions are available in real time and the interface is made with a responsive design (it adapts to every size of screen).

Discover with our video how to integrate a ready for use question on your digital media :